European CIVIS Television Prize 2014 for integration and cultural diversity

The aim of the CIVIS Media Foundation is to sensitize journalists in Germany and Europe for the themes of integration and cultural diversity. The organisation contributes to intercultural understanding and to European integration through the activities of the electronic media. CIVIS promotes the innovative and professional treatment of developments in the European immigration society.

To accept the ethnic, cultural and religious changes as reality and to positively shape them, is one of the central tasks of the European societies and politics. The portrayal of this reality is the task of the media. The protection of our liberal-democratic basic order against fundamentalist and extremist attacks is part of this. The portrayal of the new reality is the task of the media.

Migration, integration and cultural diversity increasingly leave their mark on our everyday life. The media, thereby, have a great responsibility. Because the media not only shows the immigration society – it also forms it. The media determine our image of current developments and can make an important contribution to social integration.

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Several real good movies and documentaries  were introduced this year highlighting migration issues in Europe here are the ones  I’ve found with English subtitles:



Category Information

Dokfilm: Mama Illegal (ORF)

They clean other people’s homes, take care of the children, care for the elderly – and live in constant fear of being deported. They work in secret, invisible, illegal. The separation from their family is the price for their future. Their becomes a world in which it is difficult for them to cope. The children grow up alone, the husbands are alienated. The documentary traces seven years in the lives of three women from Moldova. The film shows the price for a better life. Highly topical, moving, shocking – outstanding in form and content.

Author: Ed Moschitz
Editor: Ines Pedoth
Director: Ed Moschitz




Category Fictional

The Albanian (SWR/ARTE/ARD)

Arben needs money in order to marry his great love Etleva. Arben leaves Albania and goes to Germany. But in Germany nobody is waiting for people like him. He has no visa, he is “illegal”. Here he is the Albanian. Arben starts working for a cleaning company, for three Euros an hour. Everything changes when he meets Slatko and finds work in a trafficking gang. An inhuman business, risky but lucrative. More risks – more money. With Mercedes, fine clothes and pockets full of money, Arben returns to Albania. But he comes too late. Illegality and brutal exploitation – haunting, emotional, wonderful actors.

Author: Johannes Naber
Editor: Stefanie Groß
Director: Johannes Naber

Der Albaner – The Albanian (2010) with subs 


European Young CIVIS Media Prize

Selected was: A home for Lydia (KRO-NCRV, NL)

“A home for Lydia” – documents the every day life of a small girl who was born in the Netherlands, but lives there with her parents without a residence permit. Time and again the family has to move home. They live illegally, have no papers. Lydia’s mother is from Cameroon, her father from Nigeria. Both do not want to go back. For Lydia it is clear: she wants to stay in the Netherlands. This is her country. And she does not want to move again, move from school to school and always have to find new friends. A political appeal – outstanding protagonist, technically impressive.

Short film
Author: Eline Schellekens
Editor: Eline Schellekens

Trailer: A home for Lydia

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