Annual General Meeting

The General Assembly/meeting of members is the supreme supervisory body of the association. It determines the guidelines for the activities of the organisation. The General Assembly shall meet at least once a year. Its main tasks include:
the selection and if necessary the deselection (voting out) of the Board,
the approval of the annual financial statements and the annual business plan,
recommendations to the Board regarding new resolutions.

Next General Meeting: May 2014


Honorary members:

Due to a special commitment or organizational performance, the following persons were granted honorary membership:

Mark Klause, Hamburg/ Germany: Thank you so much for your help with our website!

Diana Xin, USA: Thank you for proofreading our English documents!

Maria Russo, Sankt Michael str. 5, 69231 Rauenberg, Germany; Mobile: +49 (0) 176 61002780; Website: Thanks a lot for your support in the field fund-raiser and event-organization!

Massimo Panerati (pseudonym: Massimo Voices), Switzerland: Thanks for your support in the event sector “charity concerts in order to support better education at village schools in Sri Lanka”!