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In our service section, we offer useful documents and forms for download, printing or just for information.

Our staff is available for personal consultation or on the phone every Friday and Saturday 9 to 12 AM ( German time/ (UTC+01:00) ). Phone: 0049 173 3803533 or Email: info [at] draw-a-smile [dot] de


Membership Application:

You are interested in Sri Lanka, would like to join and support our work with solutions and deeds, actively or financial – while growing to meet a joint challenge yourself?

Please download our membership application, print and read the text without pressure at home. Please scan the completed and signed form and send it back to us by email or put it in the post.

Email: info [at] draw-a-smile [dot] de
Post: Draw a smile e.V.;  z.Hd. Frau Susanne Kral; Buchenweg 6; 69168 Wiesloch; Germany

Membership Application Form of Draw a smile


Draw a smile preamble and Association Articles

Please download the currently applicable articles of association of  Draw a smile with the main principles and rules for members here: Preamble and Association Articles (PDF)


Draw a smile Preamble: The registered association/non-profit organization “Draw a smile” is committed to creating opportunities for physical, mental, and educational development for:

– children in Sri Lanka with disabilities

– children in Sri Lanka from rural areas, who have difficult access to education

– educational institutions in Sri Lanka, which are – due to the locality – not sufficiently equipped to promote the cognitive, physical and educational development of the children, or meet their emotional needs.

Existing structures in place should be enhanced and improved by expanding the basic provisions for the community (e.g. drinking water supply, playgrounds, etc.) and by organizing for material resources and working equipment in order to promote education. The guiding idea is that children should have the opportunity to develop in a healthy and supportive learning environment

Our work is based on the principles of human rights, as described in the United Nations Children’s Rights Convention (§ 28 global learning). The basic philosophy and approach of the organization’s activities can be described with the word “redistribution.”

Besides the importance of education as well as the expansion of the already existing teaching and learning materials, we also want to focus on helping families to help themselves in the long run. This will be done in the form of consulting and development projects.

Draw a smile acts independently from economic institutions and corporations, political parties as well as religious organizations. “Draw a Smile” supports the realization of educational and developmental opportunities for children in Sri Lanka. Therefore we are contributing to the future existence of quality-assured educational institutions in rural areas.

The organization regards itself as a citizens’ initiative and is looking for people who would like to contribute to the realization for this vision.