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Here you will find all the information about the Draw a smile organization, its engaged supporters and the great projects that we launch. We herewith  provide you all the necessary information to get in contact with us. We also include contact information from other help and support organizations.

The idea of Draw a smile was conceived in March, 2012 and in May, 2013 we became registered as a non-profit organization. Our projects take place mainly in Germany and Sri Lanka.

Overall, it is our goal to provide sustainable support in Asia and improve the chances for education of (Ceylonese) children, while also trying to contribute our share to create a more attentive and caring society within the developed countries. We are convinced that the Ceylonese culture and philosophy will tell us a lot about benevolence, well-being and happiness, and help us to experience these aspects of life with greater intensity.

In return we can contribute what we learn towards the improvement of the education sector and current European research on sustainability. Furthermore it is useful to develop organizational structures (e.g. education management) and working processes in order to support development. In this way our cultures will enrich each other, contributing to greater understanding and gaining different or new perspectives.

Only when we have visions and dreams that push us forward, energy is released to make them come true. This helps us to grow and to gather new experiences – to live. For this reason this website will share with you our new ideas and future perspectives. We want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and let the identity of Draw a smile grow. Visions are unfolding processes. Walk with us for a while and then decide whether you would like to accompany us.

“Courage is simply just to do what is necessary to do, in order to pursue a vision.” (Peter M. Senge)

The projects at Draw a smile are multifaceted, so that you can choose the one that fits you best!

Regarding cultural exchange, we want to promote student exchange programs, and support young people who want to spend their voluntary social year in Sri Lanka (from 2015 on). We also want to collaborate with interested institutions, organizations and companies in order to provide a platform for friendships, exchange and mutual assistance.

In Germany, we want to expand the “mutual learning project” and organize seminars that promote the recovery and maintenance of life quality.  We also want to spread awareness and share preventative measures that help to fight against burnout.

We would like to encourage children as well as adults to take part in our activities and to ask themselves the question, “what is happiness for me”? Thereby we hope to contribute to a new perspective for all generations here in Europe, which promotes happiness and enhanced ability to live a more determined and confident life.

An important value for us is the philosophy of “reuse, reduce and recycle”. In our current society we often have much more than we need and we don’t want to throw away things that still work well. With your help, we would like to organize sufficient educational materials such as; pens, colored pencils, notebooks, office materials, English books, blackboards and flip charts, musical instruments etc.. We are also looking for sports equipment, balls, jump ropes, and material to equip playgrounds and sport fields.

In addition we urgently need water pipes, electricity cables, computers, desks and chairs so that we can avoid the closing of some education institutions in the first place and eventually stop or slow the trend of heavy drops and plunges and even closure of educational institutions in rural areas. We believe there should be sustainable training structures that can provide equitable education opportunities in all places.

Along with these collecting activities, we also want to organize flea markets and bazaars, and dedicate the profits to guarantee the success of our projects in Sri Lanka. Furthermore we will organize events for families, children and teenagers, as well as sports activities, school projects and much more – From young to old; from creative to muscular we will cover many different facets. Through roadshows, informative meetings and great events Draw a smile wants to give everyone the possibility of growing with us and introducing and realizing his/her own ideas. Just drop by and see it for yourself!

In the long term we want to promote school development in Sri Lanka. A large goal of Draw a smile is to build up our own schools and education centers. We will also strive to develop and implement sustainability projects with regard to building and farming in an environmentally friendly way and developmental assistance projects with regard to fair-trade and economic independence. The concept of joining hands and being reliable partners in charitable work is at the heart of everything we do. Any member can play a part by contributing good ideas as a team manager or project leader. We also provide paid training in case additional knowledge is needed. Be able to laugh together while achieving our objectives” is our philosophy.


You can also contact us via Facebook: Draw a smile e.V.


Translated by Mariu Hernando

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    My brother suggested I might like this website. He was totally right.
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  2. kathrin says:

    Thanks so much for this feedback – I’m happy we could make your day 🙂
    In case you have any suggestions or experience about SriLanka you’d like to share, your’re very welcome to post it.
    the Draw a smile team

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