Who we are – in general

Our commitment
Draw a smile is independent from any corporate or government parties. We help all children, regardless of gender, origin or religion. We are only committed to the welfare of children.
The association is taking a stand to ensure that educational and developmental opportunities for children in Sri Lanka are realized. We mainly focus on the sustainable development of educational facilities and the support of children in rural areas, where education is typically less available. The problem: Due to the lack of equipment, schools are often unable to sufficiently guarantee and advance their students’ cognitive performance, motor abilities and educational accomplishments.

What we do
Draw a Smile, in collaboration with local organizations, works on solutions for improving existing structures. We seek to expand provision of basic supplies (such as water supply, playgrounds, etc.) and organize the addition of non-monetary resources, as well as working appliances for educational promotion. The main idea is that children should be given opportunities for a healthy and conducive development. With this qualitative backup, we contribute to a future where educational institutions can continue to exist in rural areas.

We also want to include the children in our work. Whatever we do, the children take the center. They have a say in our projects and take a part in each decision-making process.
The principles of human rights provide the basis for our work, in particular, the United Nations Children’s Rights Convention (§ 28 global learning). The stance of the association’s approach of activities can be filtered through one word — “reallocation.”

Our Vision
In the long run, we not only plan to inform others about the importance of education and to expand the existing teaching and learning materials, but also to offer families help to help themselves in the form of counseling services and development projects.

The association sees itself as a citizens’ initiative and is looking for people who want to help realize this vision.


Translated by Katja Kiffner

Proofread by Diana Xin


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